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Christmas Flight in AZ

Friday, December 25th, 2009

RV4chick slept all day because she had to work the night shift on Xmas eve at the hospital she works at.

Perfect chance to get in some flying!

Flying by Sky Ranch airpark in Scottsdale, AZ.  Heard you have to be rich to live there.

Sahuaro Lake is pretty low this time of year.

Four Peaks looms in the distance.  A long way by Phoenix by car, a few minutes by RV.

Level at 7.5K and leaned out.

Flying across the McDowell Mountains just to the east of Scottsdale.  Still some snow on them.

Two Friends from Idaho that I grew up with are camped out below.  They are both retired and probably sitting around discussing the meaning of life.  Can you find them?

The north end of Roosevelt lake.

Landing at Payson Airport; one of my favorite places to go.  With the cold dense air ourside, it seemed like I floated a long time on landing.  Still snow from the last storm on the sides of the runway.  As suspected, the restaurant is closed and no one around.  Good thing I brought a thermos of Coffee and a blueberry muffin.  Sat at the end of the taxiway with the canopy popped and enjoyed the millon dollar view while snacking. Before I departed, I dug around in the baggage compartment and found the stereo cable to plug the XM music from the Garmin 496 into the intercom.  We had removed it before the last Young Eagles flight.  Perfect day to listen to the Golden Oldies.

Departing from Payson, I headed northeast towards Sedona. Mt Humphries is in the snow covered distance.  The ski area got blessed with some early snow this year and has been open for about 10 days now.  Unusual anymore for them to open that early if they open at all.

Approaching the Sedona airport from the southwest.  Had a skylane call in about 5 miles ahead of me.  First plane I had heard on the radio so far.

About 3 miles SW of the airport for a mid field crossover to a left downwind landing on the uphill runway 3.

Another view of My Humphries.

Sitting on the ground at Sedona.  The FBO and the restaurant were both closed.   The owner of the Skylane who landed ahead of me was landing to collect some snow in a cooler to take back to his kids so they could have a snowball fight.  He should have just brought them with him and let them have at it!

The pilot of this plane was patiently waiting for the rest of the people to show up.

A roadrunner showed up at the beginning or runway 21 to challenge me to a race.  I am happy to report the RV won!

Its hard to believe the view ahead is of a major metropolitan area.  Looks more like a bleak and forbidding landscape.

1.5 hrs flight

2.5 hrs total time.

Merry Christmas everyone.